Announcing our seed round

Emile was founded on a very basic mission: with modern advances in technology, a student’s ability to make progress on their educational journey should no longer be defined by local resources or rigid timelines. Students should be able to access courses with the best, most engaging instructors— on-demand, from anywhere in the world. And they should be able to receive school credit for it—providing clear value and incentive. 

Today, we’re taking the next step in this mission. With the announcement of $5.3M in angel and seed funding, we are starting the next phase of our company by expanding our scope to include a wider spectrum of high school courses and the rollout of our official accreditation status, allowing us to grant high school credit to students who complete our courses.

It’s going to require many different stakeholders and the best minds around the table. With this funding, we’re privileged to pool together an incredible roster of investors in support of this mission: Kleiner Perkins, Uber Alum Syndicate, Owl Ventures, SoftBank’s Opportunity Fund, Hannah Grey VC, Supernode Ventures and the founders of Cameo, WHOOP, JUMP, SparkCognition, Overtime, Tecton, VideoAmp, Aurora Solar and several NFLers, MLBers, NHLers. A special thank you to Annie Case and Ilya Fushman at Kleiner Perkins for making this leap with us.

As a team of Latino Co-Founders, we all have been empowered with passion, scrappiness, and the drive to leverage education to create a better life. Felix vaulted himself from the second largest public school system in the country, LAUSD, to Harvard and McKinsey, while being a founding board member education leader at the Asia Society. Michael was raised in the small Chicago suburb of Cary, IL, and matriculated as the town’s first Ivy League graduate finishing his degree at UPenn followed by his MBA at UCLA Anderson, while holding leadership roles at Uber and Nike. Jonathan was born in Cuba and emigrated to the United States with a dream of developing software. His father, a lifelong educator, instilled in him a passion for learning that helped him become a leader in technology at Dun & Bradstreet.

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