How to Build a Resume in High School

High schoolers often work part-time jobs after school: store, a restaurant, administrative work, etc. But nowadays, high schoolers are even starting to grab coveted internships in more varied industries, and it’s no longer a rarity! You might be feeling the heat and, let’s be honest, the pressure to excel is intense. But the first step to getting ahead is to make sure you have a resume. 

After all, it's never too early to get a head start. But what am I supposed to put on my resume, I have no experience, you think to yourself! You’d be surprised, because we can start building from the ground up.

Step 1: Saved by the bell

When you get older and have more experience under your belt, your education might not matter that much. But in high school, your education probably takes up most of your life and that’s alright! Create a section called “Education,” and list the name of your school, your grade, and let them know your GPA. 

Showing them that you’re a good student in the classroom also shows dedication, discipline, and ability to perform tasks well. If you have any awards, Dean’s list accomplishments, or honors, this is also a good place to list that information. Go ahead and brag a little!

Step 2: It’s a working world

Those of you with some part-time work have an advantage here. Even if it’s the most basic customer service job or in-school library work, a job is a job—and at a young age, that speaks volumes! On your resume, put this under “Work Experience” with information about where you work, the hours you put in, and a job description that highlights your contributions to the role. If you’ve got a good working relationship with your manager, don’t forget to ask them if they’d be willing to write you a recommendation letter or be a reference! 

Step 3: Leadership for the win

Maybe you haven’t had time for a part-time job because you’re already overwhelmed with after school activities. That’s alright! You’ll want to include those extracurricular activities under a section called “Organizations & Leadership.” Include roles where you are a leader and have significant responsibility in the club or activity. If you’re a vice president of student government, or a leader of a community volunteer organization, or an editor on your high school paper, this is the place to include that information! Let them know how long you’ve been in those roles, and show that you have commitment to the activities that you’re interested in. 

It’s easy to feel the pressure to get ahead. But luckily, taking just a few steps to collect yourself and build a resume will already put you ahead. Having a resume ready, as a high schooler, is already an impressive feat. It shows that you are taking yourself and your activities seriously. We always love to say that the early bird gets the worm, but in this case the most prepared bird is the one that gets the job! 

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