High School Activities that Look Great on a College Application

If you want to maximize your chances of getting that great job or being accepted into the school of your dreams, then choosing your activities and experiences in high school play a significant role.

Here is a list of the top 7 high school activities that will make your resume or college application stand out!

1 - Student Government

Student government members are often influential leaders and team players. They organize events, maintain school spirit, and work with fellow students and administrators to accomplish their goals. Their involvement in these tasks shows initiative, a passion for leadership, and dedication to their cause.

College admissions officers look for students who have a healthy school spirit and are involved in activities such as student government. Their involvement shows that these students are dedicated to the success of their school, which is always attractive to admissions officers because they are looking for students who will stay involved long after graduation.

2 - Music

Music can increase math, science, and language learning abilities. It also takes dedication and hard work over the years to be accomplished on any instrument. In addition, if a student takes a band or choir class, they often give students experience in leadership roles and volunteering.

3 - Theater and other Performing Arts

Getting in front of a room of people to perform takes guts. College recruiters and employers know this.

Performing arts offers a variety of lessons that you can learn from the experience. Dancers, for example, often have to remember complicated moves that they have to master. The dancers also often work as a group and cooperate to make their performance successful.

Theater and other performing arts provide an educational experience and can also be used as a therapy for those who need it most. The experience has been said to help people express themselves through creativity, improve their self-esteem, and gain valuable life experience.

4 - Sports

Sports and physical activities are commonly known as resume/application boosters. They teach determination, teamwork, leadership abilities, and perseverance, all on the top of employers’ and college recruiters’ lists. It also sets them up for success by teaching sportsmanship and giving them experience playing on a team.

College recruiters know that athletes are typically going to be more physically fit than your average student. This is attractive because colleges are looking for students who have good grades and are involved in a healthy lifestyle outside of school.

5 - Community Volunteering

Volunteering is one of the most popular extracurricular activities to list on a college application or resume. This activity shows that students are altruistic and want to give back to their community.

Not only that, but if combined with one's hobby or sport, it can show more remarkable dedication. For example, a student who not only participated in her school's band program but also volunteered extensively will be looked on much more favorably by admissions officers. This shows that the student takes their commitments seriously and will be heavily involved in their school or workplace in the future.

6 - Tutoring

Those who tutor their fellow students show off their dedication to academia and their ability to help others. In addition, if one charges for their tutoring services, it demonstrates entrepreneurial ability and strong business acumen.

On top of this, it is a great way to make new friends, get more involved at school and has been known to boost the grades of your peers significantly because students have one-on-one attention, which sets them up for success.

7 - Your Passion

In the end, the best high school activity is the one you are most passionate about. Colleges will notice even if it isn't conventional or you think it may not be impressive. If you love it and are dedicated to it, go out and do it!

For example, a student who participates in their local radio station may not think it's impressive, but if they are passionate about radio and all the work that goes into being a DJ or radio personality, admissions officers can tell they are committed to their passion.

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