Our passion for education and drive for user experience perfection, combined with our diverse set of skills birthed Emile in the midst of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. As major universities turned into $70K a year streaming services, EdTech failed to live up to the “Tech” part.

Growing up with Netflix, Instagram, Youtube, and now TikTok, GenZ and later GenAlpha’s virtual experience expectations aren’t fulfilled with Zoom screen shares and WordPress websites.

We set out to build the most consumer tech and media friendly end-user experience, that happens to be focused on EdTech. Our passion for user experience has driven our solution - a premium high school digital learning platform, where anyone can turn to high-end content and support to earn both high school and college credits from the comfort of their home.

The 50,000 students we have served to date are only the beginning. Users are turning to Emile to better engage and retain information for all of their high school subjects. Students can engage in 20+ classes for high school credit or supplement, ranging from Advanced Placement classes to Intro to Personal Finance and Acting courses.

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