Emile Founders

Our Story

Emile Learning was born in the heart of the pandemic, ideated in the summer of 2020 when Felix, Michael, and Jon all envisioned a consumer tech and media driven solution for education. Rather than slapping zoom screen shares and word press over education and calling it "EdTech", we wanted to build something that resembled what GenZ has grown up with, sleek UI/UX, professional videography, and a thriving community for kids to hang out and interact with others across the world. Felix and Michael were the first students from their schools to go to Ivy League schools, and they quickly realized what an advantage elite tier education provides students. Jon grew up in a house full of educators, and has been coding for over 10 years. The passion and skillsets we all bring to Emile has us driven to empower students to enjoy a premium brand, Emile Learning, and empower them to leverage high school into collegiate and career success.

Our Mission

Emile is a subscription-based learning platform for high school students. Members can access on-demand, short-form premium videos/courses for an all-access cost of $20/month. Our vision is to empower students to accelerate their academic and professional outcomes in pursuing greatness. We will empower our students to get into the top universities across the country, and later join the top companies or become successful entrepreneurs. Our team is made up of educators, engineers, designers and business analysts driven by our mission to improve the academic and economic potential of all learners.

Students Connecting with Students and Teachers 24/7

In the GenZ world, we value the fastest form of communication at all time. Rather than analog emails or zoom office hours, we provide access to all of our teachers and Co-Founders at any time through text or Discord. We are excited by connecting students with other students across the world, empowering lifelong meaningful friendships and powerful networking opportunities that will allow our students to achieve the best possible university acceptances and career progression.



Felix Ruano

Co-Founder & CEO

Michael Vilardo

Co-Founder & COO

Jonathan Quiros

Co-Founder & CTO

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