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Better and faster online learning

Emile’s short-form courses are designed to promote engagement in a digital landscape where scrolling is the norm. Emile Learners see real academic outcomes, all while enjoying the learning journey.

Taught by the best instructors

Emile Learners access an unparalleled lineup of instructors, who are truly passionate about what they teach. Learn from NFL athletes to Ivy Leaguers, and interact with a team of dedicated teachers.

Options to take classes for credit

Emile Learners can show their teachers, high school, and future colleges their commitment to taking learning to the next level, with an Emile accredited transcript.

An engaging learning community

Emile Learners are online at all hours, and all around the world. Students have the opportunity to be part of that community with our membership.

20+ AP, core, and experiential classes

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A new approach to high school learning

We've taken best practices from leading consumer technologies and media platforms to make a brand-new learning experience that resonates with today's students, whose learning needs and strategies are always evolving.

Emile for schools and organizations

Are you an administrator, educational leader, or teacher looking to bring Emile into your school or organization? We’re partnering with districts around the country and world to empower students.


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Emile courses are available as supplemental or for-credit

Engage students with premium, short-form videos for Core and AP Curriculum

Increase teacher capacity by providing extra resources to support in-class learning

Empower students to master concepts with online quizzes, study guides, and community support

Enable administrators & teachers to monitor student progress online

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We are working with a wide range of districts around the world and country to empower students. If you’re interested in learning how Emile can help you reach your learning goals, fill out our contact form today. Prefer to email? Send us a note at team@hiemile.com.

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